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 • From January 2015

U.S.A - Testimonies - Pst. Jason, Jodi and Chloe


Dear Louie & Rita,

We thank God for the opportunity to once again spend a couple powerful weeks with you in Kenya. As we left Houston, we had such an expectancy in our spirit of all that God wanted to do in us and through us. He never disappoints!

Pst JasonThere are a few things that really stood out to us during this trip. First, the 10th anniversary conference was one of the best celebrations we've ever been in. Hearing each testimony of how peoples lives had been impacted was incredible. Something we noticed most was the testimonies came from those that were impacted early on in your ministry there in Kenya. We heard from a double orphan that had no future and hope, but was taken in, loved on, shown the goodness and grace of God and is now a successful young business man. He even surprised us all with the news that he had started his own business which will bring aid from all over the world and to all the world. We heard another young lady that was rejected and hopeless, but you guys ministered life to her and she just believed that God empowered her to do things that others said she couldn't. She now owns and operates her own school. We heard from a lady that was struggling in her business but heard the Lord say to begin sowing into your ministry (she was your first Kenyan supporter) and now she has four restaurants and is a blessing to her community.

The testimonies went on and on, and we know there were more that could have stood and said something, but the end result is that you and your team at RMI have impacted Kitale and the country of Kenya! These people have seen a different culture demonstrated…a Kingdom Culture!

Secondly, the 10th anniversary service on Saturday was something we were thankful to be a part of and experience. We saw first hand what it looks like to raise spiritual sons and daughters and release them into their destinies. The baton for the day to day operation of RMI Kenya was passed to a very capable and anointed team. It is obvious this team is developed and has your DNA for releasing revival in the land. I believe we will see greater things come from them. Just as David had a desire to build the temple, but that assignment was given to his son, Solomon; I also see that your team has been given an assignment to build upon the foundation that you guys have set forth. Great grace is upon them and they are well able!

Lastly, this was Jodi and Chloe's first time to experience Africa and the ministry there. This is what they have to say…

JODI…As a "first-timer" to experience a full- edged mission's trip to another country, I was hesitant and probably a little stereotypical of what I thought would happen. Boy, were my expectations shattered as soon as my feet hit the soil of Kenya. It was incredible to see the seed that Papa Lou and RiRi have planted, watered and harvested coming forth on so many levels. I saw a ministry that is thriving and producing many sons and daughters that will lead this ministry to a place that Papa and RiRi wouldn't be able to take it on their own. I heard testimony after testimony of how RMI has imparted into the lives of so many Africans and how God has taken what has been deposited and multiplied it over and over again. It was amazing to seeing the Word of God activated and continually producing seed that, I believe, will continue for many generations to come. This ground that Jason and I have been planting into for years was ripe before my eyes, and it was so cool to see our seed producing and changing lives of a people who are so hungry for the Kingdom of God to be activated in their nation.

CHLOE…When I was headed to Papa Lou and RiRi's home in Kenya, I was excited about seeing a new country. After seeing and hugging on all the little babies, I wanted to adopt one or two of them. It was a life-changing trip and I will always remember my first trip "out of the country" as an adventure that will leave a lasting mark on my heart.

We are excited to see that Father has given you a model of ministry that can be duplicated anywhere. One thing I hope the partners of RMI see is that you are not leaving Kenya because your retiring or done. On the contrary, you are moving into your new assignment as Apostolic leaders to duplicate and expand (be fruitful and multiply) in other areas around the world! Every place that your feet step, that is the territory He is giving you! (Joshua 1:3)

We love you,


Jason¸ Jodi & Chloe