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 • From January 2015

Louie's Update, October - 2015


Jambo sana,

I send you greetings from Kitale. All is well on our side. The crops are in the process of being harvested, the season is changing from cool to warmer. It's a bit difficult to realize the seasons are just the opposite here from where we lived more than 60 years of our life. We will begin experiencing some hot weather in another month and December, January and February are sure enough hot. Until you have been on the equator you do not realize how much hotter the sun is and how much faster you get a sunburn. I am constantly fighting the prospect of skin cancers on my face and hands. Thank God for sunscreen and a hat. Our time of ministry is going very well. As I have mentioned in our previous Updates, our main ministry activities are the Wednesday class of the Supernatural School of Ministry, GMBI Bible School and the Sunday preaching engagements.


Each Wednesday, as we gather for class the students are coming with testimonies of how the class is impacting their ministry. Last week two pastors shared that after praying for the sick and healing was manifested, two individuals asked to receive Jesus as Savior. They are seeing first hand the reality that it is "the goodness of God that leads men to repentance." They are seeing how many different ways God can demonstrate his goodness. The teaching continues to consist of lectures, as well as, the use of DVDs and Skype calls from friends who teach on various topics.
Next week, the 28th, Rob Pirkle will be joining us by Skype from Thailand to teach on how to receive and give words of prophesy. After the teaching there is impartation and activation that releases the students to use what they have learned. We take time in class to practice and then expect the students to exercise the gift in their churches and other places when they sense God has a word to give to someone.

One of the most important parts of our Wednesday class is the time of praise and worship. Many years ago I read a series of book by Ruth Ward Heflin on Glory. She makes the statement, "Praise until the spirit of worship comes, worship until the glory comes then stand in the glory." Virtually every week we are experiencing the glory of God as His presence is ushered in on our worship. What a great time of worship that leads into a powerful time of ministry of the Word.

I think teaching these classes of the Supernatural School of Ministry has been a highlight of my ministry. The equipping, training, imparting and activating people into the supernatural is AWESOME!! I asked one of our students to write a testimony about how he has been helped in his ministry by attending the school.


Our ministry in a different church on Sunday has been another very powerful time. In August 2007 the Lord gave me a prophetic word that He was sending revival to Kenya and it would begin in Kitale. He said He would ignite many small fires of revival in the greater Kitale area and then blow the wind of His Spirit over the top of Mount Elgon down onto Kitale and those little flames would become one great big conflagration. The wind of the Spirit would continue blowing that fire until it reached the far corners of Kenya, setting the entire country on fire with revival. The Lord said its important for Kenya to receive the word because "so goes Kenya so goes Africa. " Kenya is a portal into the rest of the continent. Kenya is important politically, economically, geographically and spiritually.

In late December 2007 Kenya was set ablaze and the entire country was burning, but not with revival fire, but with fires of hatred and tribalism. As I witnessed the opposite of what I had heard God say, I questioned myself. You do know that the Word will be tested!! In May 2008 Rita, Nashon and I attended a prophetic conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Kitale. I had never met the Bishop, but soon after being seated Bishop Julius came over to me said, "I believe you have a word from God for us." I said I did and followed him to the stage. I shared with the congregation the word I had received. Following the service we were introduced to an African-American couple from Chicago who had come to minister prophetically in the conference. Prophet Lee told me that the day before, he had stood and given a prophetic word almost verbatim to what I had just said.

It has now been eight years since the word was given. I am very excited. The number eight in Biblical numerology is the number for "new beginnings." I am not believing God is going to send revival, I believe He has sent revival and is looking for His people to steward what He has sent and continually declare the wonders of the Lord.

On October 11th we ministered in Endebess Growth Church, located right at the base of Mt. Elgon. There is nothing between them and the mountain. When I told about the wind of the Spirit coming over the mountain they got the picture. They realized they were first in line. Before the conclusion of the service, the fire of God hit the place. The pastor was overwhelmed to the point he could not stand or speak for some time. Many, many others were powerfully touched by the power of the Spirit. Many other churches we have been in we have seen the glory of God descend and fall on virtually every person in the building. The important thing for me, is the pastors and leaders are following through and continuing to steward what God has begun. Kitale is experiencing an outpouring of the Spirit for those who will believe for it and receive it!!


On the first of October, Rita and I had an unexpected surprise. Three men, two from Colorado and one from Nairobi, were ministering in a conference hosted by one of our friends. The guesthouse where the men were to stay proved to be unacceptable. Our friend called and asked if we would host the men for the days of the conference. We were more than happy to do so. Doug Burroughs, on the left, is a pastor in Boulder, Colorado and is a part of Fusion Ministries Int'l. The other two men are also a part of Fusion, but train pastors and leaders in Kenya. Clinton Moore is from Boulder, but lives and serves in Nairobi as a missionary.

 David Juma is a Kenyan, living and serving in Nairobi, working with Clinton in the leadership training conferences. Rita and I so enjoyed their company. We know many of the same people and have very similar visions for what God is leading us to do. It was so refreshing. After Rita fed us a wonderful American meal each evening, we would sit around the table for 3 hours visiting, encouraging each other, praying for each other and just enjoying each other's company. We look forward to connecting with them again.

ALSO . . .

Many of you will remember when we first came to Kenya, our first staff member was our interpreter and driver, Gideon. When he left our ministry, he moved to Nairobi and later moved to South Africa. He is pastoring a church there and also, he currently is over-seeing his third GMBI Bible School. He had returned to Kenya for a short visit with his family and came to Kitale. Before he left town, he and another pastor friend stopped by to visit with us. We were happy to see him.


The van is "on the road!" We have enjoyed having it available. The Land Cruiser has had a few problems, so having the van has kept us from being afoot. Thank you all so much for providing the money to get the van back in tip-top condition.

We have begun receiving donations for our annual Christmas in Kenya fundraiser that provides funds for two orphan projects we are associated with. This is our 12th year to help provide the Faith Care School in Kitale and Word Academy in Siaya with money needed to purchase items which will benefit the children in each program. Besides having a Christmas party special treats, each school will use their funds, as needed, for playground equipment, teaching materials, uniforms, etc. Those of you who receive our monthly Newsletter have received an envelope designated for the Christmas in Kenya gift. You can, also, pay by PayPal by going to our website.


Within the next one week, our website will have undergone a much needed updating. It will have a completely different look. Give us a week, then check it out at www.restorationmissions.org. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. To contribute to the ministry you may send a check to RMI, P.O. Box 2077, Deer Park, Texas 77536 or use PayPal on the website. Blessings to you,

Louie & Rita