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HOUSTON TEXAS NAIROBI KENYA BANKOK THAILAND MANILA PHILIPPINES Papa Louie and Mama Rita Papa and Mama in Kenyan clothes 2015 RMI Staff Bishop Steve and Ann Njihia FCS 10th Anniversary plaque dedication FCS Secondary section class AWM - Boys enjoying Christmass toys AWM- Children enjoying new text books AWM - Children in class AWM - Pre-primary graduation Students at AWM School of Supernatural Ministry first calss SofSM -David prays for CYthia SofSM-Dr. Leon teaching via Skype from Florida SofSM - Tonny giving a testimony Papa and Protus preaching at a sunday service Bible School - Mama Rita teaching Bible School - Papa Louie teaching Bible School - Pst. Protus teaching Bible School - June 2015 Graduation 2016 March USA Team

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