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 • From January 2015

Louie's Update, November - 2015


Greetings from Kitale,

First of all, let me wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Unless we looked at the calendar we would not know one week from today you will be celebrating Thanksgiving in America. There is so much to thank God for. Our family and ministry have been so blessed in 2015. I know that, as you contemplate this season, your heart will overflow with gratitude to God for all of His expressions of His goodness.

Kitale is experiencing El Nino rains. My goodness is it raining!! Almost everyday we have anything from a shower to a torrential downpour. Everything is nice and green, but the roads are a mess and everything is so dirty. This is Kenya, gotta love it!

We have almost completed another month of ministry. November has been a very productive and blessed month. Each Sunday we have ministered, releasing the fire of revival and seeing lives transformed and churches being ignited with revival fire. We are getting reports from many places of the good things happening in their churches and lives of their people. We are seeing God fulfill His prophetic word that He gave me in August 2007. I so appreciate the faithfulness of God to His word. I am very excited about what 2016 will bring. Going into the New Year with the kind of momentum we have, should prove to be very interesting and exciting.


Only one more week remains for the School of Supernatural Ministry. I have said it over and over, but this has been a highlight of ministry for me. Yesterday we had Pastor Meshack, Kitale Pentecostal Church, to share on “The Power of the Father’s House.” Not the heavenly Father, but our earthly father. In Kenya there is such an attachment to their home land, to one’s family and village. Included in that attachment are many demonic strongholds that come from covenants passed down from generation to generation. I had talked to Pastor Meshack some time back and asked him questions about how he had dealt with those strongholds in his life and ministry. I was so impressed as to how he had broken free of the familial covenants and has been able to successfully serve God without all the baggage from his past.

Pastor Meshack related examples of so many ministers who had begun well, but because of the baggage from their past, i.e. polygamy, divorce, ungodly alliances and covenants, etc., had fallen into sin and had forfeited their ministry and destiny. Every student present was so blessed as Pastor Meshack shed light on some very dark things that had, heretofore, been unmentionables. Itís as if they can now allow the Holy Spirit to reveal those strongholds in their lives and bring deliverance. It was truly a God-ordained time.

Kingdom Impact Conference . . .

Last week we had a Kingdom Impact Conference in a village about 30 minutes out of Kitale. We have ministered in Deliverance Church, Kitalale many times since 2008. The ministry has always very fruitful. This was no exception. Each service was filled with the presence of God. We saw many, many people healed, some of who were healed before we prayed for them.

Teaching Via Skype . . . So Cool

For several months, we have welcomed guests from around the world to minister at our weekly School of Supernatural Ministry via Skype. On Monday afternoon I had the privilege of teaching the Supernatural School of Ministry class at Christ Vision Church, Phitsanalok, Thailand. Our friend Rob Pirkle is the leader of that group. He is currently in the USA so I stepped in to teach. It was a wonderful experience and was blessed by the good response from the students.

The photo shows Louie,
teaching the class via skype,
from his office in Kenya.
attending the class in Thailand.

The This photo was taken of Donut,
the interpreter we had in Thailand,
as she interpreted for the students
attending the class in Thailand.


Thursday and Friday, November 25th and 26th, Rita and I will be ministering in the annual conference of African Word Ministries in Siaya. We have had a relationship with AWM since 2004. We always look forward to going back and seeing friends of many years. Pray for a powerful time of ministry and traveling mercies.

I have been invited to minister in the annual conference of Hallelujah Church in Eldoret on December 2nd. As you can see with everything else going on, our schedule is full. Actually, we like it like that.

On December 14th, Rita and I depart Nairobi to return to Houston. This trip home is a special time as we celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 21st. When I have announced in the various churches about celebrating 50 years of marriage, they are speechless. I then ask how many present are 50 years old or older. Many times, not one person present was born when we married. Even in large churches, only a handful are 50 years or older.

Family and friends are providing a five days Caribbean Cruise in January. We have never been on a cruise, so we are very excited and looking forward to some downtime on the water!!

Once we have taken care of personal and ministry business, we will return to Kenya about February 15th. Hopefully, we will be able to see a few of you in that short time we are in the States.

Our new website is up and running. It has a completely new look. We'd like for you to check it out at www.restorationmissions.org. We will continue "tweeking" the site. David Wafula has spent many hours building the site and, to him, I say a hearty, "Asante sana!" (thank you very much). We would be interested in your feedback.

Christmas in Kenya...
We only have a few more weeks left to receive donations for our annual Christmas in Kenya fundraiser that provides funds for two orphan projects we are associated with. This is our 12th year to help provide the Faith Care School in Kitale and Word Academy in Siaya with money needed to purchase items which will benefit the children in each program. Besides having a Christmas party special treats, each school will use their funds, as needed, for playground equipment, teaching materials, uniforms, etc. We will begin distributing the funds on the first of December but we will continue to receive funds for Christmas in Kenya through the end of the year.

Please go to our website to pay by PayPal or send a check to our office and note that your donation is for Christmas in Kenya.

To contribute to the ministry, you may send a check toRMI, P.O. Box 2077, Deer Park, Texas 77536 or pay by PayPal using the contribution tab on our website: www.restorationmissions.org

Thanks for your continued financial and prayer support. We thank God for your faithfulness in supporting us these nearly 10 years. Much credit has been credited to your heavenly account for all the lives you have made it possible for us to touch.

Blessings to you,

Louie & Rita